If I was the woman in corporate world

If I was a woman in the corporate world:

  • I would have been earning half the salary of what I am earning right now with the same skills and same work delivered.
  • If I will be angry at people in the office, they will call that “Maybe she had a fight with husband at home and she is getting angry here for no reason”
  • I will be judged for smoking cigarettes with my colleagues by people walking by.
  • I will have to think twice before going for a drinks party at the office, about what people will think.
  • It will be little hard to participate in discussion meetings, as I will have to raise my voice a little to get my views heard.
  • I will be judged if I will wear makeup to the office and judged equally if I will not wear makeup to the office.
  • I will feel guilty of stay late at office even for few days, thinking that I am not taking care of my kid at home.
  • My real EOD will not be 5 PM but 10 PM.

Thankgod I am a man in the corporate world.



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Rakesh Kalra

Rakesh Kalra


I write sarcastic posts that make you question yourself and your thought process, plus I write about productivity. Find me: https://thinkscholar.com