How to increase your salary without working hard?

  • When your salary rises, don’t raise your standard of living.
  • Instead of buying Rs 200 worth of coffee, prepare coffee at home.
  • Switch off your lights and use sunlight to lighten your room when possible.
  • Don’t go crazy about brands, buy things where you get value for money.
  • Look for the best deals when going out for food or vacation.
  • Take care of health, you don’t want to spend lakhs of money and months of life, once your health start deteriorating. Instead, if you are healthy, you will work longer, earn for a longer duration of your life.
  • Eat less than required, you will stay healthier and live longer (Google It).
  • Understand minimalism and if you like the concept, inherit a few tips from this concept. You will be less messy, more organized, and will save a lot of money.
  • Don’t upgrade your phone, laptop, TV, till you really need the new utilities and have introspected well enough about your decisions.
  • In this world of AI, Machine Learning, and targeted advertisements, where businesses are spending millions to get your attention, understand who is making the decision for you.



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Rakesh Kalra

Rakesh Kalra


I write sarcastic posts that make you question yourself and your thought process, plus I write about productivity. Find me: