Happiness is now or never

Rakesh Kalra
1 min readDec 5, 2021

Instead of running after money, I decided to run after happiness.

I am happy now, but now I want to be happier. Oh no, I am just in a different rat race now.

What I need to understand is that wherever and whatever I am, I am enough, happiness is now or never.

I do not have to stop chasing my dreams, but have to be just happy about what I am doing right now.

If chasing dreams don’t give me happiness, once I will have my dream come true, then also I will not be happy.

Happiness is a choice

In our quest for eternal happiness, the biggest revelation is that it’s not tied to the big achievements or the milestones we anxiously await. It’s hidden in the small things, the everyday moments that we often overlook.

Remember, happiness is a choice, and it’s available to us right now, in this very moment. So, cherish the present, find joy in the little things, and watch as your world transforms with happiness that lasts a lifetime.



Rakesh Kalra

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